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from:  admin at: 28.03.2016 20:17
subject: Гладиатор

Glaring white tunic
Lily in the bloom
Carnelian blink
Old the beuaty soon

Sorry this Arena
Sorry metal chain
All would necessarily
To your legs be gave

Helmet can not cover
Hair greyness lines
Is attractive flower
Scars on skin of mine?

Just could be much worse
My long earthly fate
Gold and many forces -
Tears are too late

Blood odor resistance
With the power half
So many heroes
Seen your trembling love

Tenderness will melting
For the captive king
Take it, you are welcome
Life's my gifted thing

Year since that night
Circling crow there
If could wound lighter
Woe you ... forever...

I would drink today
Petals of your lips
Reality is fade
Enemy`s not sleep

Public just subsides
Anticipating fight
Will alive till ides
Our thinning pride?

It`s last choice of favor
Gallic spear glaive
And merci for pallor
Happiness... forever...

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